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About Mashaikh Organization

Mashaikh Organization is largest Organization of The Worl that is composed of Sufi Teachers, Mashaikh, pir, Dervishes, Sufi Orders, Khaneqah, Dargah, sufi Academias and Sufi Organizations.

Sufis and Mashaikh from All The Tariqahs and Sufi Orders Are Member of Mashaikh Organization. Majority of Qadariyah, Naqshbandiyah, Suhrwardiyah, Chishtiyah, Qalandariyah, Awaisiyah and Alaviyah Sufi Orders are Member of mashaikh organization and participating in These Sufi Projects.

  • Spiritual Think Tank

    To Watch and Monitor Global Events and Make Essential Moves in order to develop a Spiritual Mystic World

  • Interfaith Harmony

    To Develop Love and Tolerance and Promote interfaith Harmony among Various Participants of Religions

  • Mashaikh Parliment

    Universaly One Parliment of Mashaikh and Sufis From Arround the world That will Guide and Lead the Ummah In Congressional Way.


To Develope a Universal and Spiritual Mystic Sufi Socieity in the World Without Hate and Ethnic , religious, Social Discriminations

Pir Zia Inayat Khan

The Young Sufi Heir of Pir Vilayat and Pir Inayat is Our "Dost"...

Pir Vilayat Khan

We Actually Follow and are accomplishing Vision and Mission of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan Saheb...

Cultural Services

Cultural Development Committee Organize Various SUFI Events and Ceremonies in arround the World...

Mashaikh Parliment

The Universal Majlis e Shoora of Sufi and Mashaikh from The sufi entities of the World....

International Processions

Friendly and Interfaith, international Processions for Universal Peace ...

Quran and Hadith Class

Sufi Spiritual Madaaris and Islamic Schools in world ...

Our Photo Gallery

The Mazarat Dargah and Sufi Mosoleums are Beacons of Sufism and From all Around the World People Vist Them in order to Obtain Peace and Iman.

Upcoming Events

Schedule of Sufi Events and Mega Events is Published from Time to Time in order to Develop universal Brotherhood among Sufi Orders.

Eid Milad Un Nabi ﷺ
  • Mashaikh Organization Center
  • 9:00 PM to 11:00 AM
  • Central masque, New town, Las Vegas
Islamic Teaching Event
  • Mashaikh Organization Center
  • 12:00 AM to 02:00 PM
  • Central masque, New town, Las Vegas
All Events

بنيان مرصوص

Meet Our Mentors

Alhamdulillah Sufi Mashaikh and Auliya Allah From Arround The World are Joining and Patronizing Mashaikh organization's Sufi Mission.

Fahad Khurram
Imam of Pakistan
Sheikh Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri
Sara Ahmed
The Heirs of Faqr
Prince Shabbeer Ahmed
Mufti Ismail
Ashraf ul Mashaikh
Khanqah Kachhochha Sharif
Sultan Ul Amrica
Inayati Vilayatiyah Sufi Order



The work you and your tariqah is doing is realy commendable, i wish i would be able to see the great mission accomplished in my life."

Sheikh Kabir Helmniski
Movelvi Sufi Sheikh

Salam Habibi . Say Salaam to your sheikh and Let his holiness know that i by myself by my aulad and all my sufi followers Support This Mission and will feel Pride to be a part of it and Serve Global sufi Leaders.

Imam Ahmed Dervish
Sheikh Al Azhar Al Sharif, Egypt
Farhana Akhter

Unity and Working Collaboration of Sufi mashaikh from Arround the world is Very much positive and Hopeful move That you people have taken. Allah Commands the Momineen "Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety)"

Sheikh Nazim Aadil Haqqani (RUA)
Naqshbandiyah Sufi Imam


Peace Success rout has many aims and objectives that will shap up a new format of Universal Society. They Say Peace in Home, Peace in World.


Thousands of years of Heritage, All the Mashaikh Centers have Samaa Halls ...


Pakistan's Largest Islamic Scholastic Organization Minhaj Ul Quran often host Mashaikh conventions...


Organizing Ziker Congergations in Each city and town is Primary Objective of Mashaikh Organization ...